Thursday, May 5, 2011

How To Become A Lawyer

Education is key to become a lawyer. In some states you can "read" the law, which is usually an internship or entry level job. Before entering Law School one must have a Bachelor's degree. A certain major is not needed to become a lawyer. Something in the social sciences; political science, economics, business, or even English. These majors give one a good footing and understanding of the law. A minor in English or American History may also be useful. If you plan on going to a top 20 law school then you should plan on going to a top undergraduate school. Law School admission can be more competitive than undergraduate admissions. To garner admission to a top school you'll need a very high GMAT score, top of class in college and high school, and many good recs. Having a second choice school is also a very good idea. Law School is hard work and if you plan on being a hot-shot lawyer you need to do very well in order to get good recs for jobs.
All lawyers need a license from the State in which they want to work. To get a license, people need to get a college degree and then go to law school for 3 years. Finally, lawyers must pass a test called the bar examination.
Even after they start working, lawyers need to keep on learning about changes in the law. Most States make lawyers take classes from time to time.
To start getting ready for this job, students can take English classes to learn how to write, do research, and make presentations. Social studies classes teach about research and the law. People who want to be lawyers also need strong reading skills.
Lawyers held about 759,200 jobs in 2008. Most lawyers worked for themselves or in law firms. Some lawyers worked for other businesses or for government.
Employment of lawyers is expected to grow about as fast as the average for all occupations through 2018. Many people want to be lawyers, so there will be competition for good jobs.
Work hard, the time is now, never give up and study like a pro.

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